Linear Drain 6x60cm


Type:Linear drain
Producet size:6×30/60/80/100cm or customized
Surface finish:chrome,golden,brush golden,matt black,gun metal,bronze or customized
Warranty:3 years
Port:Jiangmen,Shenzhen,Hongkong,Shanghai, Ningbo
Project Solution Capability:graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation, Others

Industry-specific attributes
1. The linear drain is made of high-quality stainless steel material, possessing excellent corrosion resistance and durability.
2. Its unique design and sleek appearance enable it to complement modern bathroom styles seamlessly.
3. The linear drain features smooth lines, enhancing drainage speed effectively and preventing waterlogging issues.
4. Equipped with an efficient filter, the linear drain effectively prevents debris from entering the pipes, reducing the risk of blockages.
5. The surface of the linear drain is smooth and easy to clean, preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring a hygienic environment.
6. The linear drain undergoes rigorous quality inspections to ensure its long-lasting reliability, meeting high-quality requirements.